Boomerang Hercules
High degree powerful
battery trolley.


Easy use
Every Hercules comes completely assembled, and the accessories to start you golfing. This light fold down model can easily be carried in and out of your car without hurting your back. It comes with any colours you like, to match any golf bag and attire. Golf is to be enjoyed and that's what Hercules caddie from BM Technic will ensure.
While you concentrate on your game, Hercules will power you around the course. No more pulling heavy golf bags. Now your golf bag can follow you on your battery powered golf trolley.

Hercules is a hands-on self-propelled electric golf trolley. The Hercules trolley will amaze you with its quality and reliability.

Fully folding and light weight
Hercules is a single folding unit and simply unfolds like a regular trolley. It is made entirely stainless light material and features a design handle for secure and easy manoeuvrability, whether you're left or right handed.
The easy detachable tyres for transport, storage and repair as you also can declutch from the motor-operation, .

Speed control
The handle features an adjustable speed control, all laid out ergonomically for easy use.

Powerful battery and motor
Worried about hills? The design of the Hercules makes it superbly balanced to avoid tip back on steep hills. The extra large tyres also provide excellent traction on and around the course. The powerful 12V/17 Amp battery comes with a battery strap for transportation as well as an auto CTEK XS 7000 charger. A high torque motor provides a smooth ride uphill and it's a quiet one as well.